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Neato D9 Review: Smartest Robot Vacuum

The greatest performance we have yet seen is from NATO’s D9 robot vacuum, which operates for 171 minutes in testing. The D9 struggles in many of the same places as the D8, and it frequently forgets to dock itself after finishing a task. The Wyze Robot Vacuum provides comparable vacuuming efficiency.


The Neato D9 is a robot vacuum that is 13.22 inches in width and has an 11-inch brush at its broadest point. It has a “brushed metallic finish,” as the maker describes it, and is clothed in subtle black. The robot’s super filter doubles as the dustbin’s door and is neatly hidden inside the robot’s center.

A HEPA filter on the Neato D9 robot vacuum will capture 99.5% of toxins and dust. Just below the brush roll, two sizable rubber tires are located, and the rounded back of the vacuum is guided by 2 small, single rubber tires. The brush is kept in place by a plastic cage, however, it may be withdrawn for washing with just two pointer fingers.


The meticulous design of the Neato D9 robot vacuum ensures that no regions are neglected. Despite the trademark D shape, edge cleaning was subpar; spherical robots have performed corners better in the past. Spotty edge cleaning was another issue.

 High door thresholds or a modest difference in flooring quality can be readily addressed. When cleaning, there is a discernible rush of air from the back, and when it is running, there is a chilling wind. The robot continuously bumps against objects while searching for its charging base because of the charging dock.


You can designate cleaning and no-go areas, as well as various cleaning timetables, for the various areas of your floor plan. To set the robot on a clean spree, you may use your voice thanks to the app’s interface with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Battery Life:

The Neato D9 robot vacuum cleaner’s 200-minute running time is based solely on eco mode. The D9 vacuumed for 106 minutes on the supercharger during our tests before needing to be recharged because of a low power supply. It takes roughly three hours and fifteen minutes to fully charge to 100percent after we allowed the power supply to run down to 0%.


  • powerful cleaning abilities
  • Quick mapping
  • Beautiful design


  • ascends some furnishings
  • No warning is given when the trash can is full.
  • Unsatisfactory edge cleaning


Due to its long battery life, the Neato D9 robot vacuum is ideal for large houses, but it is otherwise expensive considering its relatively few abilities.

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