360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The S9 robot vacuum cleaner from 360 can mop in addition to vacuuming and has extended battery life. Although it isn’t nearly as small for cleaning below moderate furniture, it has a sizable bin and can navigate with some ease.


Though slightly lighter than the S9, the S5 still feels solid. With a width of 13.9 inches and a height of 3.9 inches, it is a touch too big and tall for some poor furniture. You won’t need to remove it more than once per cleansing activity because it’s quite large at 580ml.

 Some of the top-selling robotic vacuums right now are the iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO, Proscenic M7 Pro, Wyze Robot Vacuum, and Eufy RoboVac G30. The S5 lacks a remote control but does support app connection for iOS and Android devices. In addition, the robot has a laser distance detector on top, four anti-drop detectors, and a ToF wall detector on the side.


The 360 S5 has a clean appearance that somehow makes me think of the Roborock S5 style. 2 levers are located on top; one docks the robot to the charging base, while the other activates and stops the robot. Under the lid is a 550 ml bin, which is more capacious than the one found in the 360 S6 models from before.  washable HEPA filter inside the trash container.

Five different kinds of AC power plugs for various nations are included in the box. I think the dock is more stylish and takes up less room. Additionally, it enables the charging cord to be adjusted for length and concealed so that it seems elegant. The cleansing tool, which can be used to remove hair from the central brush, is another feature I adore.

Smart navigation technology:

 A built-in Lidar sensor on the 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner generates a map of the sweeping region inside the “tower.” The robot can determine where it needs to clean and where it has previously cleaned thanks to this mapping technology. The robot will remember its position if you relocate the charging station or the robot after creating the map.

Noise Level:

Although the 360 S5 has a robust 2,000 Pa suction force, it is not as loud as other potent robot vacuums like the Roomba i7. Inequitable mode, it runs extremely silently so as not to bother you, but if it is operating in the same space as you, you will ultimately hear it. Its 65 dB maximum suction mode noise level is what the company promises, and this seems accurate.

App Control:

A smartphone software called 360Smart that can be downloaded for both the widely used mobile operating systems iOS and Android allows complete control of the 360 S5. Numerous helpful functions are available in the app, including intelligent zoning, limited areas, zoned cleansing, room cleanup, various map storage, true tracking, cleaning histories, planning, and many others. For individuals with a multi-floor home, the 360 S5 is a wise choice. You can keep the map of each floor and select it as needed because it can save up to 10 maps in storage. You can now change the language of the robot’s voice and rotate the map.

Battery Life:

A 2,600 mAh battery powers the 360 S5 and provides up to 100 minutes of silent operation, 70 minutes of ordinary operation, and just 35 minutes of intense suction operation. The battery’s storage capacity is sufficient to clean a modest to the medium-sized dwelling. The robot autonomously returns to the charging base, recharges to 80% capacity, and then resumes vacuuming when its battery has used below 30% of its energy.


  • Reasonable price
  • broad bin
  • good avoiding of obstacles


  • a limited battery life
  • automated docking fail in testing
  • a little too tall to reach some moderate furniture to cleanse it


With its strong suction, clever navigation, and app management from your phone, the 360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides all the essentials for a fair price.

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