iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO Review

iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO Review

The Roomba i3+ EVO from iRobot is the firm’s best budget-friendly edition with a self-emptying waste. The device’s battery performance isn’t great, and its smart navigation abilities are restricted to one story. Based on your demands and cost, it could be the appropriate model for you.

Design and Key Features:

The iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO is the firm’s third self-emptying dustbin model. The Clean Base Intelligent Dirt Removal dock powers the robot and stores garbage in its AllergenLock pouch for up to 60 days. According to iRobot, the bag is made up of four layers of ingredient material that traps almost all pollen and mold. The textured, matte coating on iRobot’s i3+ EVO robot vacuum looks almost like cloth and reduces fingerprints.

 A Room Isolation (RCON) detector on top identifies its Clean Base, and a Light Touch detector on the front identifies walls and other obstructions. According to iRobot, the dustbin’s high-efficiency filter collects almost all pollen, mold, dust, and cat and dog allergies. When it detects a particularly filthy area, it switches to the Dirt Locate method and travels over the area several times. You can set it to clean up when your August smart lock activates or your MyQ-enabled door lock closes using IFTTT event-based machines.

Navigation and Mapping:

The Roomba i3 and i3+ vacuums, like the i7/i7+ and s9/s9+, have Smart Navigate and Impression Smart Map capabilities. You have unique cleanup control and configurable cleaning maps using mapping. You might want to consider Room-Specific Cleaners as an optional feature. The option to create “Stay Out Areas” on the configurable floor maps is one of the most advanced capabilities.

Seamless Setup Process:

After downloading the app, press the Home and Spot knobs on the robot alternately for 2 seconds till you hear a noise. In testing, the charging process took around a minute.

Easy to Maintain:

An application informs you when the robot is quality assurance and even tells you how to detach and cleanse the bristles. Every 2 weeks, the Filled Bin detector and front wheels must be cleaned.

Self-Emptying and Clean Base Station:

The Roomba i3+, like the i7, i7+, s9, and s9+ Clear Bases, will mechanically empty its dustbin when it’s full. It can hold up to 60 days’ worth of dirt and trash. When the lid is open, the 19-inch tall Clean Base Towers will require a couple of feet of clearance. These bags include four layers that catch and block 99 percent of allergens, such as pollen and mold.

Reliable Performance:

The capacity of the iRobot i3+ EVO robot vacuum is ten times that of the Roomba 600 line. It cleaned for about 90 minutes in testing before the battery died and it was restored to its base. It will not have the finest life of the battery, but it does have the ability to resume where it left off. It’s a touch loud, like other iRobot models, particularly if you’re sensitive to loud sounds. With Alexa voice commands, you can plan and organize Roomba’s cleaning with the iRobot Home app.

After docking, the robot empties its bin automatically, but there is also an option in the application that lets you do it at any moment. I examined the bin after multiple full test runs and it was empty. You can see a list of the robot’s deep cleaning in the app’s History section, and you can go into each session to see how long it took to clean.


  • Dustbin that empties itself
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT are all supported.
  • Assists with planning and cleaning of the place
  • Detects and concentrates on significantly dirty areas.
  • The Roomba i3+ is a mid-priced robot vacuum with high power and Self abilities.


  • Battery capacity is mediocre.
  • Can be quite annoying


The iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO robot vacuum is the firm’s most economical model, with the ability to remove its dustbin for totally hands-free cleaning.

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