Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Review

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Review

Other than cleaning your floors, the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum doesn’t do much else. It operates swiftly and effectively, has a long battery life, and surprisingly strong suction for the price. We also like the Wyze Robot Vacuum , which supports virtual walls and has a powerful laser mapping system.


Review of the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum. The K650 is 13.4 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches high, weighing in at 6.7 pounds. The Yeedi app also allows you to begin and stop cleanup using voice recognition from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

 Yeedi comes with a few extra parts and cleaning supplies but no remote control. You also receive a docking station, a charging adapter, an extra tangle-free brush, and some user guides in addition to the main device. Additionally, there are extra bin filters and extra bin components.

Fast and Powerful setup:

Although navigation isn’t its strongest suit, during testing I saw it make every effort to pass through doors, over furniture, and around barriers. In testing, the K650’s battery that lasts for almost two hours, which was more than enough time to thoroughly cleanse my entire home.

A Good Value But Not Being the Cleverest Robot Vacuum:

The Yeedi K650 is an affordable robot vacuum that will keep your surfaces clean. For the price, it provides a lot of suction power, a sizable bin, and excellent battery life. The iRobot Roomba 675, occasionally gets stopped and instantly adapts to diverse surfaces.


  • strong suction
  • long-lasting battery


  • has no clever navigation or other intelligent features.
  • does not include a remote control


Yeedi’s K650 robot vacuum is about as basic as they get, but it effectively cleans your floors and costs less.

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