Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

The  Aura smart lock from Kwikset allows you to lock and open your door in a variety of ways. Aside from utilizing the lock’s lighted keypad or a standard key, you may use Bluetooth to handle it from your phone. The Aura is reliable and less expensive than other Kwikset versions.


The Kwikset Aura is an excellent lock for anyone who wants to lock and unlock gates using their smartphone. It’s simple to set up, and performed admirably in our tests. However, smart capabilities such as Wi-Fi networking and voice control are not supported.

App Configuration Options

You can unlock your door using the Kwikset smartphone app, as well as establish up to 250 frequency reuse with continuous, momentary, or one-time access permissions and monitor the history of lock occurrences. The software opens a display with a big circle in the middle which can be used to unlock the device the door when you tap the lock. It also displays the current condition of the lock, which is red when the door is closed and green when it is open.

No Wi-Fi Connectivity, Elegant Design

The Aura lock from Kwikset is a full lock system that fits all of your existing hardware. It’s powered by four AA batteries and includes a Bluetooth radio, but no Wi-Fi. The Aura is designed to suit doors with a diameter of 1-3/8 to 2 inches and hole cutouts of 1-1/2 to 2 inches.

Simple Setup and Stable Performance

The Kwikset Aura lock was simple to set up and immediately responded to application instructions to unlock the door. The engine was rather silent and operated smoothly. The touchpad was also snappy, and the controls’ backlighting made them visible at nighttime. My momentary and one-time access codes, as well as the Auto-Lock option, performed flawlessly.


  • Priced affordably
  • The fashionable style
  • App, keypad, or key are all options for unlocking.
  • Installation is simple.


  • There is no Wi-Fi or Z-Wave connectivity available.
  • There is no remote control available.


The Kwikset Aura is a low-cost Bluetooth smart lock that you can manage using your smartphone, a keyboard, or a key, but it doesn’t enable voice recognition or other devices.

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