Apple Watch Series 3 review

Apple Watch Series 3 review

Although the Apple Watch 3 has been replaced by the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, it is still available for purchase on Apple’s website. In terms of specs and capabilities, it’s on pace with the newest Apple Watch models, however at a lesser price. The Watch 3 comes in two versions: one with cellular connectivity and the other with only GPS.

Design and Screen:

The Digital Crown button is harder than on prior models, and the Digital Crown has a red dot to indicate that it is the new model. While some have wished for a circular display, the 1.65-inch display (on the 42mm version) is unquestionably the best size and design for presenting more information. The screen, which is made of OLED, has long been one of the most appealing on the market.

Do we need LTE:

The Apple Watch 3 includes a built-in cellular connection, allowing it to function without a phone. Although some people have already stated that it has saved their lives, connectivity does not appear to be the most important aspect to have. If you don’t already possess an iPhone, the increased expense of internet streaming makes it difficult to justify purchasing one.

Access 50 million songs on your wrist.

It’s a touch buggy at times – and you’ll almost always be carrying your phone – but it’s a good feature that will only get better. Only consider the LTE version if you’re concerned about being unable to contact someone when exercising or leaving your phone in public places.

Series 3 phone calls: Better with Bluetooth earbuds:

The Apple Watch can make and receive phone calls, but the novelty will wear off after a while. The experience is enhanced by a pair of Bluetooth earphones, such as Apple’s AirPods. Call quality on the watch is equivalent to that on my iPhone, and conversing on the wrist is simple. You’ll look like you’re talking to yourself if you don’t have your phone with you, but if you don’t mind looking odd in public, go ahead.

Specifications, WatchOS 6, and a new engine:

If you want the Watch to do things like skipping a track or searching for something to play, you can’t take your eyes off the road, and you’ll need that voice input. It’s embarrassing enough talking to your Watch in public, let alone being informed, ‘Hmmm, I didn’t quite catch that,’ or having Siri hang and not connect to the server frequently. 

The Apple Watch 3 can now be upgraded to watchOS 6, allowing you to take advantage of a slew of new software capabilities, including an on-the-go App Store. Some apps didn’t work when loaded and had to be re-installed, and we scarcely utilized any of the apps we had on the device (because they were already on the phone).


The Apple Watch Series 3 has quickly become one of the most popular fitness trackers available. Improved heart rate monitoring and the ability to receive calls while jogging is among the new features. It has 16GB of internal storage (for the LTE version, 8GB with only GPS), which you may fill with your phone’s tracks. Because syncing music takes a long time, you’ll need to plan ahead of time.

 The Watch 3 requires charging, which should be done overnight. The ability to change tracks while running is fantastic, thanks to a simple swipe to the left revealing the music screen. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, this is a compelling argument to get the Apple Watch. One of the best running watches on the market is the Apple Watch 3.

The built-in Workouts app has been updated several times and is now a lot more user-friendly way to keep track of your runs. It’s simple to start running with a single tap or set a goal, whether it’s for distance, time, or calorie burn. The heart rate monitor was more accurate than before, sometimes even outperforming the chest strap when it came to accurately detecting our beats per minute.

Battery life:

If you obtain the non-LTE version of the Apple Watch 3, the battery life will be excellent. When connected to a phone, it will last for more than two days on a single charge, with the battery dying after about 50 hours. The battery life in LTE mode, when it switches between utilizing your phone’s and its connection, is still over 24 hours. Whether you’re using mobile data or not, it’s good at slowing down particular connections when they’re needed. Having a device that can last for more than two days alleviates the stress of having to charge every day to the point where it’s almost irritating.


  • Fantastic functions for keeping track of your fitness. 
  • Speedy While you’re exercising out, Siri LTE comes in handy, as does Apple Music playing.


  • Problems with cellular activation 
  • When linked to a cellular network, the battery life is reduced.


The Apple Watch Series 3 promises to connect smartwatches in the future, but it doesn’t exactly deliver on that promise. Instead, opt for the non-LTE variant.

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