Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock Review 22

You have a few options for locking and unlocking your door when using Kwikset’s Aura smart lock. In addition to utilizing the lock’s backlit touchscreen or a standard key, you may operate it using Bluetooth from your phone. The Aura is less expensive than other Kwikset models and performs as promised.

Elegant Design, No Support for Wi-Fi:

Your existing hardware is completely replaced with the Kwikset Aura lock, which is a lock component. A deadbolt latch and strike, two locks, fastening screws, an install manual, and both internal and external escutcheons are all included in the box. It is powered by four AA batteries and includes a Wireless radio, but not a Wi-Fi radio.

Efficient functioning and Easy Configuration:

It was simple to install the Kwikset Aura lock, and the gate was promptly locked and unlocked in response to smartphone instructions. The motor operated smoothly and was quite quiet. The keypad was snappy as well, and the buttons’ backlighting made it simple to see them even at night.

Choices for App Configuration:

You can open and close your door, establish up to 250 user codes with ongoing, momentary, or one-time authorized access, and check the history of lock occurrences using the Kwikset mobile app. The software opens a screen with a big circle in the center that can be used to open and close the door when you tap the lock.

 Two of the greatest locks available right now are the Lockly Vision Doorbell Camera Smart Lock and the Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi. You can establish consumers and give them everlasting, momentary, or one-time passcodes at the bottom of the screen. With the RemoteLock OpenEdge RG Deadbolt, you can modify Auto-Lock preferences, remove noises, and change the lock’s name.


  • affordably priced
  • Trendy style
  • uses a key, keyboard, or app to unlock


  • Loses Wi-Fi
  • not in communication with other smart devices
  • zero voice commands


The Kwikset Aura is an affordable Bluetooth smart lock that you may operate using a key, a keyboard, or your phone. It does not, however, offer voice commands or function with other smart devices.

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