Fitbit Sense Review

Fitbit Sense Review

The Fitbit Sense is now one of the greatest fitness trackers available. It’s meant to help you take control of your health by teaching you about your body and mind. The fitness tracking capabilities are very amazing, especially if you want to train with heart rate zones. There are a variety of activity tracking choices available, and once you’ve completed your workout, the Fitbit app and watch will offer you a set of workout-specific metrics.

Design and Display:

Fitbit Sense is a stylish smartwatch with a simple touch-sensitive button that can be programmed to provide you quick access to your favorite apps. It has a design that is very similar to the Fitbit Versa line, with a square display and rounded corners that Fitbit claims are inspired by human body lines. The Gorilla Glass-protected color display is brilliant, sharp, and responsive.

Swiping to the right displays some options, including sleep mode, volume, screen brightness, and always-on display. It’s extremely similar to the Polar Unite’s band, and it has the same issue of being a little difficult to tighten. The band is comfy after you’ve perfected it, and we scarcely noticed it. The Fitbit app has a vast selection of watch faces to choose from, and you can save four to your Sense for easy access.

Smartwatch Features:

The Fitbit Sense includes all of the fitness tracking and meditation capabilities you’d expect from a high-end smartwatch, as well as Alexa voice commands and Fitbit Pay. It can measure how anxious or relaxed you are by scanning your skin for two minutes and storing the results in the Fitbit app.

 The watch is charged via a USB charger that is magnetically attached to the watch, making it easy to misalign. The Fitbit Sense can also track your skin temperature at night, letting you see if there are any trends. Early indications of respiratory infection can be detected using biometric data from devices like Sense.

Within the Fitbit app, there are some tools for reducing stress, but most of them require a Fitbit Premium subscription. The Fitbit app will be able to create a baseline temperature for your skin after three nights and show you how it changes over time.

 You can use a thermometer to take your core temperature and manually enter it if you like. The Sense also monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which can help you detect indicators of sleep apnea and other problems.

Sleep tracking :

Fitbit’s Sense smartwatch monitors your sleep patterns and assigns an overall grade based on your heart rate and predicted oxygen variation. The program also displays how much time you spend sleeping in light, deep, or REM sleep. The Fitbit Sense was able to accurately record my zzzs after changing the sensitivity to Sensitive from Normal.

Fitness Tracking:

The Fitbit Sense offers a variety of training settings and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It vibrates to let you know when you’re changing heart rate zones, which is great for training. With onboard GPS, you can plan your runs, walks, and bike trips without having to bring your phone. The only issue we had was that it logged a lot of steps when we were stationary on the bike.

Battery Life:

The Sense smartwatch from Fitbit is said to have 6-day battery life. The battery life is roughly 12 hours if you’re actively utilizing GPS. The watch comes with a magnetic USB charger that clicks into place on the rear of the device. My watch was down to 19 percent after four days of using it day and night.


  • Long battery life is appealing. 
  • Fitness and wellness features galore


  • Spotify music storage isn’t available in this app store since it’s too small.


While the Apple Watch 6 remains the greatest overall smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense provides the most health-related features of any wristwatch. These readings, along with a few others, are used to offer you a more complete picture of your body.

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