Apple Watch Series 6 review

Apple Watch Series 6 review

The blood oxygen saturation sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6 estimates your SpO2 level on demand. Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, integrating this technology into a consumer wearable has never been more critical. A speedier CPU, an always-on altimeter that shows your height in real-time, and a boost in screen brightness while your wrist is down are among Apple’s changes.


Always-On Retina displayed on Apple Watch Series 6.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is slimmer and lighter than the Series 5 it replaces. The 40mm variant is 1.56 by 1.35 by 0.42 inches (HWD), whereas the 44mm model is somewhat higher and wider than the 40mm model but has the same thickness. The display on the Series 6 hasn’t been changed in terms of size or resolution. Stainless steel variants weigh 1.40 ounces and 1.66 ounces, respectively, while titanium models weigh 1.45 ounces. It’s safe for shallow-water activities like swimming, according to Apple (in a pool or the ocean).

Blood Oxygen Reading:

The Apple Watch Series 6 includes a sensor that measures your blood’s oxygen saturation. This statistic shows how efficiently your circulatory and respiratory systems supply oxygenated blood to your body. A reading of less than 90% may necessitate a trip to the emergency room. When you desire, the watch can determine your SpO2 level in 15 seconds. The Apple Watch Series 6 monitors your blood oxygen saturation percentage (SpO2), which indicates how effective your workout is. 

According to the watch’s software, most people’s SpO2 levels are between 95 and 100 percent. Your measures can also be viewed in the Health app on your iPhone. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 and Fitbit Sense are two more fitness trackers and smartwatches that can measure this parameter.

Sleep Tracking:

Sleep monitoring on the Apple Watch encourages you to wind down for bed at the same time every night, and I’m finding that I’m getting more restful zzzs as a result. It’s not as in-depth as Fitbit’s sleep-monitoring software, but it does a good job of emphasizing the importance of setting sleep goals. You’ll enjoy the challenge if you’re someone who enjoys shutting their activity rings.

Setup and interface:

When you initially turn it on, a screen prompts you to choose between restoring from a backup and setting it up as a new watch. You’ll get a notification before the update is installed if you activate automatic updates. If the watch detects a hard fall, it will promptly contact emergency services. Swipes to scroll and move, and taps to select, are how you navigate the Series 6 like other Apple Watch models.

When your Apple Watch isn’t connected to your iPhone, you can use cellular data to make and receive calls and access apps if you have a cellular model. If you choose, you can turn off this feature in the Apple Watch app. On the top right side of the Series 6, Apple’s signature digital crown is also present.

Performance improvement:

With the always-on display mode activated, the watch lasted 24 hours in testing. It takes around two hours to fully charge and charges in about an hour.


The App Store, which allows you to browse and install apps immediately on the watch, is still the Apple Watch Series 6’s strongest feature. There are over 20,000 Apple Watch apps available, making it the most comprehensive and high-quality assortment of any wearable device. Changing the face of your watch is a fun way to personalize it, and Apple has several new options to choose from. GMT, Count Up, Memoji, Stripes, Typograph, Artist, Chronograph Pro, and more are among the new watch faces in WatchOS 7.

Always -on Altimeter:

The Apple Watch Series 6 contains an always-on altimeter that allows you to assess your elevation in real-time both indoors and outdoors. To identify your actual location, the watch uses data from the barometric pressure sensor, GPS, and neighboring Wi-Fi networks. You may also use the watch face to display your elevation as a complication.

The always-on altimeter on Apple Watch Series 6.

Additional health Features:

The Apple Watch Series 6 retains all of its predecessor’s superb health, safety, and lifestyle functions. The Move, Exercise, and Stand ring on the watch are my particular favorites since they encourage me to be active. Workout+, monthly or yearly at-home fitness program, will be available before the end of the year, according to Apple.


Apple’s smartwatch operating system, WatchOS 7, is the most recent version. Automatic handwashing detection with a 20-second countdown timer, sleep tracking, and new workout modes are among the features. The watch detects handwashing movements with motion sensors and listens for the sound of running water with the microphone. The Health app displays when you fell asleep, woke up, and your total time in bed and asleep for the night when you wear the Apple Watch to bed. With WatchOS 7, you may set up an Apple Watch for your child or another family member using your iPhone. 

Because of the Apple Watch’s short battery life, you’ll probably need to change your charging habit. Many other wearables, such as the Fitbit Charge 4, capture additional data such as your deep, light, and REM sleep cycles.

Battery Life:

It takes 90 minutes to fully charge, compared to closer to 2 hours for the previous Apple Watch 5.


  • SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) is measured on demand. 
  • Real-time elevation tracking with an always-on altimeter 
  • Wrist-down screen brightness has been improved. 
  • A handwashing countdown timer and sleep tracking have been included in WatchOS 7. 
  • The new processor is lightning fast. 
  • Apps from third parties that we think are the best 
  • Colors and band options for the watch have been updated to make it more appealing.


  • Expensive; only slightly improves battery life.


The Apple Watch Series 6 is the best smartwatch you can buy, with an unequaled user experience, fantastic apps, and potentially lifesaving health and fitness features.

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