Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock Review

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock Review

The Kwikset Halo Touch deadbolt has a capacitive fingerprint sensor built-in. The lock opens when a registered fingerprint is placed on the biometric sensor. The current activity, whether it’s opening, closing, or signaling an unrecognized fingerprint, is indicated by an LED light stripe. A rekeyable tumbler lock and two backup keys are included in the deadbolt kit.

Design and Features:

The Halo Touch is made for doors with a thickness of 1-3/8 to 2 inches. It’s available in a curving traditional form or a sleek contemporary design (in matte black or satin nickel). The keyway, fingerprint scanner, and LED bar on the exterior escutcheon measure 4.0 by 2.9 by 0.9 inches and illuminate green when the door is successfully unlocked. Some of the most popular smart locks on the market right now include the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Nest X Yale Lock, and SimpliSafe Smart Lock. To lock and unlock the door, tap the lock icon; when the lock is unlocked, the icon goes green and the circle becomes red. The battery level, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth indicators are on the upper right, while the People, History, and Settings buttons are on the bottom.

Familia app Setup:

Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the Kwikset Halo Touch. It keeps track of your fingerprints as well as those of anyone else who wants to use the door. Because the sensor is non-reflective, you won’t be able to see your fingerprint on the pad until you’ve touched it. You must be present when a babysitter or house sitter registers their fingerprints if you have one.
Kwikset’s Halo Touch door lock features a fingerprint sensor, but it won’t function if your finger or the lock surface is wet.

The lock is weatherproof, so you don’t have to be concerned about the elements outside your home. However, if you’re returning home during a downpour, it’s generally a good idea to carry your key with you. I wish there was another option here, like an auto-unlock that uses Bluetooth and your location, or NFC to let you access the lock if the conditions are right.

Installation and Using the Halo Touch:

The Kwikset Halo Touch is a full lock system, which means you won’t have to replace any current hardware. A Philips screwdriver is required for installation, which takes around five minutes. The fingerprint reader never failed to unlock the door, and the lock and unlock actions were smooth and silent. When the lock was engaged, the lock responded rapidly to app commands and always delivered a push alert.


  • There is a variety of locking and unlocking options, including a fingerprint scanner. 
  • Alexa and Google voice commands are supported through the built-in Wi-Fi. 
  • Installation is simple and the design is attractive.


  • Pricey Doesn’t work with HomeKit or IFTTT and only has a few third-party connectors.


You can lock and unlock your door using your phone, voice, keys, or fingerprint with the Kwikset Halo Touch Smart Lock. It’s a fashionable lock that’s simple to install and operates quietly. It doesn’t operate with IFTTT applets, which allow it to connect to other smart devices like cameras and lighting systems. You can lock and unlock your door using your phone, voice, keys, or fingerprint with the Kwikset Halo Touch Smart Lock.

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