SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review

SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review

SimpliSafe’s new Smart Lock is the newest addition to the company’s line of DIY smart home security products. The lock is straightforward to install and can be operated from your phone. It’s a great addition to a SimpliSafe Home Security System that already exists. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is our Editors’ Choice for a standalone smart lock with extra functionality. SimpliSafe smart lock comes with a motorized thumbturn for the inside of your door and a wireless keypad for rapid, coded entry on the outside. Voice controls do not allow you to control the lock; they can only be used to arm and lock the system. It’s also the tiniest smart lock I’ve ever seen, and it’s a breeze to set up.

Design and Features:

An internal escutcheon and a wireless PIN keypad make up the SimpliSafe Smart Lock. It features a huge 2.5-inch thumb turn and a panel that swings out to display the lock’s AA batteries. An RF radio is installed on the inside, which communicates with the PIN pad and the SimpliSafe Home Security System base station. The SimpliSafe Smart Lock can be linked to a security system’s entrance sensor to prevent the deadbolt from engaging (locking) while the door is open. The mobile app’s Dashboard panel has a huge button that toggles the system between Home, Away, and Off. You may customize how the lock responds to Off, Home, and Away modes, adjust the Auto-Lock time, and modify the lock’s name in Device Settings.

Setup is a breeze:

SimpliSafe’s smart lock just replaces the thumb turn on the inside of the door, not the full deadbolt. Most people could complete the task in under ten minutes, if not less. From the SimpliSafe app’s home screen, you can lock and unlock your door, as well as a program how you want the lock to react as you arm and disarm your system.

Installation and Performance:

Because the SimpliSafe Smart Lock works with your current keyed cylinder and single deadbolt assembly, no drilling is required. It’s extremely quiet and responds quickly to lock and unlock commands using the mobile app and PIN pad. When I used Alexa voice commands to adjust the security system to Home or Away modes, the lock never failed to lock.

Controls are limited:

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock is tethered to its broader security system a little too firmly. You can’t use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the lock, and you can’t use voice commands to disable it. Although there is no charge for creating PIN codes, I would prefer that you weren’t limited to only four at a time.


  • It’s simple to set up. 
  • Existing lock hardware is used. 
  • The form factor is slim. 
  • Silent.


  • SimpliSafe security system is required; full access to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant services requires a premium service.


In our tests, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock performed admirably and is quiet. It’s simple to install, and the sleek interior escutcheon adds a stylish touch to any entryway. You may use the same app to control it as you do your home security system. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is more expensive upfront, but it is compatible with a wide range of third-party smart devices. SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is quiet and simple to install, but it requires a monthly membership to the SimpliSafe Security System and lacks scheduling features.

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