Array By Hampton Connected Door Lock Review

Array By Hampton Connected Door Lock Review

The Array By Hampton Connected Door Lock includes built-in Wi-Fi and can be controlled with voice commands from Alexa and Google. It has a unique solar charging panel and may be accessed using the secret keypad or standard keys. For almost 30 years, Hampton Products has been producing weatherproof locks. This lock, as amazing as it is, will not be the appropriate fit for every smart house. The Array is Hampton Products’ first smart deadbolt, and it’s only compatible with Amazon Alexa.

It connects to Wi-Fi without the need for a separate hub. Because it doesn’t function with Google Home or Apple HomeKit, I can’t suggest it to anyone who is determined on using those assistants. The lack of interoperability with other smart home gadgets may disappoint even Alexa users. Still, give the Array props for its innovative design and the optimism that future enhancements will let it realize its full potential.


To unlock the door, you can also use the Array app to generate E-Keys and/or E-Codes. You won’t have to worry about the Array’s inbuilt battery burning out because it charges quicker than the solar panel can recharge it.

Connectivity and Solar Power:

The Array By Hampton lock is available in two styles and some different finishes. The Cooper design features rounded corners and smooth edges, but the Barrington type has crown molding around the edges. A panel opens up from the top part of the lock to reveal a ten-button illuminated keypad with metal buttons. A screen with a huge circular dial with unlocked and locked icons appears when you tap a lock panel. To view panels by their name and last event, press the home button.

When you press the dial, the lock unlocks, the screen’s background goes yellow, and the current battery level and status (locked or unlocked) are displayed. To lock the lock, tap it again, which changes the backdrop color to blue and rotates the dial to the locked icon. Users are issued E-Keys via email, which allow them to lock and unlock the Array.


The Array comes with two 5,200mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. When the lock is closed, it reveals the keyway as well as a small solar panel for charging the fitted battery. You’ll find a physical keypad backlit with blue LEDs for entering an e-code if you slide the solar panel up (watch your fingers).

Easy installation and Operation:

The Array, like most smart locks, is relatively simple to set up. The electronic deadbolt motor-operated quietly and smoothly. Alexa voice instructions to lock and open the door were received swiftly. Schedules for E-Code and E-Key were always followed, and the Auto-Lock feature worked as expected.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Charger for solar batteries.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands are supported by the hidden keypad.


  • Pricey 
  • It doesn’t support HomeKit or IFTTT, and it doesn’t have any third-party integrations.


The Sequence The Hampton Connected Door Lock connects to your home network via built-in Wi-Fi radio. It features a secret keypad and a regular keyway, and you can lock and unlock it with your phone or voice. In testing, the lock functioned well, but it doesn’t operate with third-party smart devices like lights, doorbells, or smart plugs.

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