Ultraloq u-Bolt Pro +WIFI Bridge Review

Ultraloq u-Bolt Pro +WIFI Bridge Review

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro from U-tec is one of the most adaptable smart locks we’ve seen. It works with a smartphone app that allows you to lock and open your door from anywhere. The keypad has a fingerprint scanner as well as permanent and time-based temporary pin codes. With the advent of the industrial revolution, anyone could install a lock on their door. You no longer need to rely on a mechanical key to gain access to your property. Instead, a smart lock can use your fingerprint or a password to let you — or others — into the house. We’re looking at the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock this week (and Bridge).

Design and Features:

The U-Bolt Pro lock is designed to suit standard doors that are 1-5/16 to 2.0 inches thick. In the middle is a 360-degree capacitive fingerprint reader, which is surrounded by an LED ring that temporarily glows green whether the smartphone is secured or unlocked. The hidden keyway, which can be reached by pushing the keypad out and folding it down on its hinge, is one of the greatest features.

Although the U-Bolt Pro has a Bluetooth radio, it does not have an integrated Wi-Fi radio. Instead, a small plug-in is included, which connects the lock to your home network. You can use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands to lock and unlock it, and IFTTT applets to make it operate with third-party smart devices like security cameras. The U-tec mobile app (for Android and iOS) opens to a page that displays a list of all of your U-tec locks that are currently installed.


It communicates across the 2.4GHz frequency, which has the greater range of the two bands. You may use the app to set up alerts for when your door is unlocked once it is connected to your router. If you’re concerned about security or live in a large house with a lot of people coming and leaving, this can be handy.

Installation and Performance:

The U-Bolt Pro is simple to set up. My old lock assembly was removed, and the new deadbolt was placed on the door edge. The lock completed an automatic handling procedure that tells it when it is locked or unlocked after I added the four AA batteries. I established an account and validated my email address after installing the mobile app. When I tapped Scan for Ultraloq, the lock was recognized right away.

To begin testing, I entered my home’s SSID and password into the U-Bolt Pro app after installing it. It was instantly recognized, so I tapped the bridge tab, entered my Wi-Fi password, and linked the lock with the bridge to finish the setup. When a registered fingerprint was scanned, the scanner never failed to recognize it and replied instantly. It was also quick to respond to pin code inputs and app commands to lock and open the door.


  • Fingerprint recognition, a keypad, and automated unlodging are all included. 
  • Voice control is supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 
  • IFTTT is supported. 
  • A Wi-Fi bridge is included. 
  • It’s simple to set up.


  • Apple HomeKit is not supported. 
  • The Magic Shake function isn’t really helpful (yet).


It has a Wi-Fi bridge for remote access, can be locked and unlocked with your voice, and automatically unlocks when you approach it using your phone’s location services. The only thing it lacks is Apple HomeKit integration, so if that’s a deal-breaker for you, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is a better option.

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