HP Sprocket Select Review

HP Sprocket Select Review

The Sprocket Select  from Hewlett-Packard is a small and handy device for printing wallet-sized photos from a smartphone or tablet. The Select is pocket-sized and utilizes Bluetooth to link up to an iOS or Android handset. While preserving the high print quality of the Experts’ Choice HP Sprocket 2nd Edition, the prints are somewhat bigger.

Design and Features:

The Sprocket Select is less than the normal Sprocket but is significantly bigger (8mm longer and 12.7mm broader). The print sizes are increased from 2 x 3 to 2.3 x 3.4in, which is about the size of a debit card. The printer must first read the barcode sheet at the bottom of each pack to produce images. Microcrystal sheets used in Zink paper create different colors based on how much heat is supplied.

Print Speed:

For a portable photo printer, the HP Sprocket Select prints a 2.3 by 3.4-inch photo in 1 minute and 16 seconds. Even the Kodak Mini 2 HD takes hardly longer than a minute to print each photo in 4 passes, one color at a time. Although some prints could have used more boldness, print quality is one of the greatest I’ve seen from a Zink-based printer.


A built-in app on the HP Sprocket Select 3D printer allows you to play around with your images by applying filters, text frames, labels, and even adjusting color and contrast. The first step in pairing your phone with the printer is to install the app, which is simple to do. You can choose all the pictures you want to print when it appears on your photo roll.

Print Quality:

The Polaroid Snap instant camera was my introduction to “zero-ink” paper. Zink has advanced considerably. No, the printouts won’t be as clear as the screen on your mobile or even the marketing materials for Sprocket, but they are still pretty crisp and precise. Photos printed in good lighting typically have superior clarity, and reds appear especially lush and brilliant. Each print is processed in roughly 40 seconds.


  • extremely lightweight
  • easy to use app UX
  • increased quality of Zink prints
  • A portable printer with good print quality.
  • There is no need for ink or colored cartridges when using special paper.


  • periodic loading problems with paper


A portable pocket printer from HP, the Sprocket Select, creates attractive prints the size of a wallet. It’s a good option for creating unique prints on a mobile device or tablet.

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