Apple watch series 7 review

Apple Watch Series 7 Review

It features a larger, always-on display, which eliminates the need to raise your wrist to check the time. The screen is 20% larger, allowing for additional functions like GPS and heart rate monitoring. With an updated cycling mode that identifies when you’re cycling, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is a decent exercise companion. It functions smoothly on the WatchOS 8 platform, allowing you to easily start a workout, browse photographs, and read messages. The electrocardiogram and blood oxygen monitoring won’t be of much use to most individuals, but they won’t be a major selling point for most people.

Design and Display:

The IP6X rating indicates it’s dustproof as well as waterproof, which means dirt and other harmful particles can’t enter within the frame. The display is almost 20% larger than previous generations, yet the bezel is so thin that there is even more screen. If you’re using an Apple Watch 4 or earlier, it has an always-on display, new colors, and Contour watches faces, but it’s not a game-changer. When glancing down at your wrist, the screen is now a lot brighter, making it easier to see. The Apple Watch 7 features one of the greatest screens of any smartwatch on the market: it’s crisp, bright, and legible in any light.

The always-on display is a far cry from the early Apple Watches’ discomfort of not being able to see the clock until you flicked your wrist to see it. An on-screen keyboard is another feature enabled by the larger screen, though we can’t say it’s something we’ve been clamoring for on the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 8 and the ‘redesigned’ chipset:

Apple’s new software for 2021 is WatchOS 8. It doesn’t contribute much to the Apple Watch experience that isn’t already there. The Watch 7 has redesigned S7 chip inside, but it’s no more powerful than the S6 in the Watch 6. Flipping through apps is smooth, gliding easily with finger swipes or rotating smoothly with the Digital Crown. The Apple Watch Series 7 boasts some appealing features that make it a compelling purchase.

Noise monitoring is beneficial since it provides daily feedback on your audio health and alerts you if you spend too much time in a potentially hazardous environment. The Watch 7 will automatically enter that mode if you have notifications on your phone silenced when you’re in a specified location, or if you’ve selected a time to start winding down before sleep.

if you prefer to respond to messages from your wrist, the Apple Watch Series 7 features numerous timers and increased messaging options. Pinches and fist clenches can be used to manage your Watch, allowing you to navigate through the phone without touching it. Assistive Touch also works effectively, highlighting components of the UI in blue to make it easier to see what you’re touching and tapping.


Although the Apple Watch Series 7 was created with exercise in mind, it’s still difficult to suggest if you’re seeking a basic fitness tracker. When compared to the high-end Garmin Forerunner 945, the GPS accuracy appears to be fine, coming in at 0.03 miles across a nearly eight-mile journey. This accuracy was only reached when the heart rate monitor was placed further up the arm, towards the elbow, which has been proved to produce better accuracy. While being able to monitor your blood oxygen saturation throughout the day is convenient, this feature appears to be more of a gimmick.

This year’s Breathe app has been updated, and it now includes a Relax mode that provides prompts to reflect on at the start of each workout. One of the reasons to buy an Apple Watch – not necessarily the Watch 7 – is the revamped Mindfulness app. The gooey ‘Relax’ animation is one of our favorite things to look at all day. We haven’t seen a fitness watch that rivals the soothing vibration that tickles your wrist while it reminds you to take slow, deep breaths.

Battery Life:

The Apple Watch 7 is advertised as lasting 18 hours on a single charge, but we often got over 24 hours. Thanks to the quicker coils inside and the new silver-banded charger included in the box (albeit it plugs through USB-C and doesn’t come with a block), you can charge your phone faster than ever before.

 The Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the most attractive smartwatches available, but it comes at a price in terms of battery life. For a modern smartwatch, Apple’s estimates of 24-30 hours of battery life on a single charge are simply not enough. If you like to track your sleep as well, it’s difficult to develop a consistent charging pattern — Apple will need to come up with a new solution for future generations.


  • The display is larger than prior generations. 
  • Chargers that charge faster 
  • Durability has improved. 
  • New watch faces and colors


  • There are no substantial feature updates from the previous generation. 
  • The battery’s one-day life remains the same.


The Apple Watch Series 7 maintains its position as the best smartwatch on the market, with greater screen real estate, improved durability, and faster charging.

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