Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL R101AE Review

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL R101AE Review

The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL R101AE is a fast and efficient self-emptying robot. Its base station contains a huge trashcan that only needs to be emptied once a month. You may program cleaning routines and operate the robot with your phone or voice. It’s also a good choice for pet owners because it has a self-cleaning brush roll.

Design and Features:

Shark’s IQ Robot XL is a black-and-white utilitarian robot vacuum. It weighs 5.87 pounds and measures 12.9 by 12.6 by 3.5 inches (LWH). You may use the SharkClean app on your phone to control it, or you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control it with voice commands. A high-efficiency filter in the robot’s trashcan collects airborne dust, dander, and allergies. There are three power modes on the Shark IQ Robot XL: Eco, Normal (the default), and Max. 

Max has the strongest suction, but he also depletes the robot’s battery the fastest.
When enabled, the robot automatically heads back to its charging station for a recharge when the battery is depleted.It also has a feature called Evacuate and Resume, which is designed for pet-friendly homes.

Self-emptying base:

The self-emptying bin and dock on the Shark are less noticeable than those on the Roomba Clean Base. When vacuums are in use, the Shark’s smaller footprint makes it less of a tripping danger. One button near the handle releases the bin from the dock, while a second near the base slides the bottom out, allowing the debris to fall out. The Shark bin, according to the makers, is bagless and simple to empty.

Simple to Set Up:

Remove any protective film from the robot and base before attaching the side brushes and turning on the switch on the rear. You’ll hear a beep as it starts charging, and the charging indicator light on the base will pulse. It includes a physical border strip to keep it from cleaning areas you don’t want it to, such as pet bowls or electrical lines. To establish and verify your account, follow the on-screen steps after downloading the program. You can also create a cleaning schedule, check the battery level, and view cleaning reports using the app.

IQ Intelligent Mapping and Navigation:

Shark’s IQ Navigation technology automatically maps your home while it cleans. After mapping out the rooms, the IQ Robot XL separates them into segments. This enables you to pick and choose which rooms you want cleaning right away, as well as schedule per-room or whole-house cleanings. Magnetic strips called “BotBoundary” are included in the package and can be used to split off areas of your house where you don’t want the robot to go.

Smart Features:

The SharkClean app makes controlling the IQ Robot XL and using its smart functions simple. The robot always responded rapidly to app controls throughout testing. You have the option of switching modes or cutting the task short and returning it to the dock. If your vacuum goes lost, a Find Robot button might assist you to find it. The Shark IQ Robot XL vacuum cleaner may be programmed to clean a specified room at a specific time. “Alexa, instruct Shark to start cleaning,” it reacts to voice commands. The robot followed the schedule I made during testing, starting up, and going to work at the appointed hour.

Noise levels:

The Shark IQ is far quieter than the Roomba s9 and produces significantly less whoosh than comparable robot vacuums. When pulling debris out of the vacuum, the self-emptying bin is also loud. Other reviews have pointed to the brush roll’s design as the source of the problem. It’s a loud whoosh that’s unexpected at first, but it’s less earth-shaking and has a shorter duration than the Roomba Clean Base.

Cleaning performance:

The IQ Robot XL cleans in straight lines rather than ping-ponging from wall to wall, which saves time and effort. The robot cleaned for 97 minutes in Normal mode on its first test run, beating the Roomba i3+ but falling far short of the Deebot Ozmo T8 AVI. It never got stuck, even in spots where other robot vacuums had previously gotten stuck. 

When operating on hard flooring, Shark’s IQ Robot XL vacuums can be quite loud. The brush roll on the robot’s bottom was hair-free after two cleaning sessions. It gets considerably louder in Max level, while the Eco setting is the quietest. According to the CDC, 60dB is equivalent to an average conversation or air conditioner.


  • A bagless auto base and an auto brush roll are included. 
  • Supports scheduling, area cleanup, and virtual no-go zones by mapping your home. 
  • A physical boundary strip is included. 
  • In testing, I’ve never been stuck.


  • Battery life is average. 
  • It has the potential to be quite noisy.


The Shark IQ Robot Auto XL R101AE vacuum can store up to a month’s worth of smoke and dust in its ground station, and it comes with an inner brushroll and a slew of smart functions for a genuinely low-maintenance experience.

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