Urbanista Los Angeles Review

Urbanista Los Angeles Review 2024

Urbanista Los Angeles Review

The Swedish audio professional’s latest product is the Urbanista Los Angeles over-ear wireless headphones. These sleek headphones include a solar module built into the headband that allows them to charge themselves in both natural and artificial light. The headphones’ battery life is claimed to be up to 80 hours on a solar-electric charge, which is the longest of any self-powered device I’ve seen.

Design and Comfort

The solar-powered strap on Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones captures light and turns it into energy, which powers the headphones. The cushioned earcups and headbands are covered in faux leather, while the headphones are made of sleek aluminum. These are not the smallest wireless cans on the market, coming in at 11 ounces, and can be awkward to handle or carry an all-around collar.

Special Features

When the earphones’ battery reaches 90%, the ANC technology switches off immediately, extending the battery life. Controlling how much energy the headphones consume outdoor and indoors is simple thanks to an easy-to-use app.

Sound Quality

The sound system likes modern music genres, pounding your ears with strong, accentuated bass for dynamic sound quality. I noticed that the vocals fuzzed-up during the hook on basement hip-hop instrumentals like Boot Camp Click’s “1, 2, 3.” On the Urbanista Los Angeles, everything sounded wonderful, from the clean rhythm plunges to the startling synthesizers to the dual harmonies.

Call Quality and Connectivity

For video calls and long-distance audio talks, the Urbanista Los Angeles is a terrific pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They’re noise-isolating and use Bluetooth 5.0, which has the best range of any wireless headphones I’ve tried. My friends claimed that my voice was muffled when walking and conversing because the mics picked up vocals well.

Active noise cancellation

In Los Angeles, ANC is excellent. You’ll need loud music to drown out background noises like kitchen equipment, chatty colleagues, and motor noise. I might still hear my friend talking on the phone from several paces away because the innovation does not stand up effectively against intermediate noises.

Battery life and Charging Case

With ANC set off, a full charge provides 50 hours of listening time and 80 hours with ANC switched on, which is ridiculously good. The battery will last more than 3 weeks if you listen for two hours each day. If you don’t have faster technology, you’ll have to delay three hours to acquire complete capacity via USB-C charging.


  • Charging via the sun
  • Rich, strong bass and precise highs make for superb audio quality.
  • For the price, you get good noise cancellation.
  • Fashionable design


  • Low degrees of comfort
  • The ANC Mobile application is average and lacks extra features.


In a unique design that allows energy from the sun charging, the fashionable Urbanista Los Angeles headphones feature deep bass, refined highs, and strong active noise-canceling.

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