Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review

The Elite 7 Pro earphones from Jabra are priced to compete with the best true wireless ANC (active noise cancellation) models on the market. This time, you get not just good ANC and audio performance, but both can be adjusted to your preferences. While the majority of the wire-free noise-canceling earphones we test are only somewhat waterproof, this pair is completely waterproof. 

Design and Build:

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earphones are 16 percent smaller and lighter than ever before, at only 5.4 grams each. Because the bud is stemless, the majority of it lies in your outer ear, with a little silicon tip that sits deeper. Instead of touch controls or pressure-sensitive locations, Jabra has remained with the tried-and-true method of using a button on the outside of each bud. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is the most recent version of the Jabra earbuds, and they’re a great choice whether it’s raining, snowing, or you’re sweating buckets at the gym. The cylindrical charging case is a touch smaller than previous models, but it’s still a good size for a pocketable device. Because the battery and charging indicator LEDs are exceptionally dull, it’s easy to miss low battery alerts or the fact that the case isn’t charging when it appears to be.

Noise Cancellation:

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earphones can provide effective noise suppression, but the experience is greatly reliant on user preferences. The app’s fader is quite useful for adjusting a filter that filters out some frequencies while allowing others to through. The optimal ANC setting for a noisy restaurant was the default or one notch lower on the slider. None of its changeable fader settings could match the WF-1000XM4 in-ears default setting.

Smart Features:

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro Bluetooth earbuds may be wirelessly paired with up to eight devices. Multiple voice assistants are supported on Android, including Alexa and Siri and Google’s Assistant, as well as Apple’s Siri on iOS.

Smartphone Software:

All of your Jabra headsets are managed through the Jabra Sound Plus app. All of the app’s features will be available after pairing the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. Here you can control firmware updates, headset settings, personalization settings, product registration, manual access, and voice assistant settings. Near the top of the screen, the battery life of each earbud (which can be used independently) is displayed, as well as the charging case. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earphones are designed to provide you with the greatest call quality possible.

Auto-pause, HearThrough settings, and a MySound toggle for music are among the audio experience options. A double-tap on the left earbud activates the voice assistant you’ve chosen. I found the ANC personalization to be a little lackluster, and it’s evident that the noise suppression slider bars only work if you’re in a setting with considerable background noise.

Audio and call quality:

Overall, they’re good all-around, although their lower registers show their limitations. The Jabra 7 Pro are Jabra’s first earbuds for Zoom calls, and in this year’s offering, the company has prioritized call quality over music. Custom EQ can now be applied to both calls and music, which should help you pick up more details. HearThrough mode recognizes calls made over WhatsApp or Zoom on a laptop automatically, allowing you to hear yourself clearly and reducing the need to shout to be heard.

Clear, High-Quality Mics:

Six MEMS microphones are used in the Voice Memos earbuds, which provide outstanding intelligibility. I could comprehend every phrase while trying the Voice Memos program on an iPhone. As a result, you’ll be less prone to yell or speak loudly, resulting in crisper calls.

Battery and charging:

With ANC and wireless Qi charging, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless earbuds offer improved battery life year after year. Even with ANC turned on, the buds should last about eight hours, which is enough for a full day of listening or the majority of a long-haul journey. You’ll probably charge these buds with USB-C most of the time, but if you have a conventional wireless charger at home or work, you should be able to recharge them with any standard charger.


  • Strong music and precise highs provide clear sound quality. 
  • ANC and EQ parameters that can be tweaked.
  • Excellent mic acoustic clarity.
  • Earphones that are completely waterproof and dustproof.


  • Adjustable ANC necessitates a greater amount of effort than other types. 
  • Not just for purists: molded sound character.


The Jabra Elite 7 Pro wireless Bluetooth earbuds include excellent noise canceling and a top-notch microphone in a waterproof design.

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