Rode NTH-100 Review

Rode NTH-100 Review

The NTH-100 headphones from Rode are intended for content producers including commentators, artists, and videographers. They are equally skilled at massive level subwoofer rumbling and accurate audio delivery. The  Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio headphones provide somewhat better audio quality. The  HD 280 Pro headphones from Sennheiser have long been favored for professional work.

Build, Comfort & Aesthetics:

The RODE NTH-100 features a distinctive layout, with a single arm component that bends upward toward the headband after being wrapped back on itself. Although there is some clamping force, the structure is incredibly lightweight and free of any hot areas or sore regions on the top. Even though these headphones are passive, they do a fantastic job of insulating me from my environment.


The Rode NTH-100 is a set of closed-back, over-ear headphones that have a 2.4-meter wire that finishes in a 3.5mm connector on one end and a twist-and-lock connection on the other. The metal headband can be adjusted for size, but you can lock the headband in place so that it always fits your head correctly by using a small twist-lock on either end. Excellent headsets for listening to songs are the R-de NTH-100. Even challenging beats and rhythmic are handled naturally and without effort. They communicate difficult rhythms and tempos without any difficulty at all, doing it interestingly and enjoyably.

Accurate Audio:

The NTH-100 headphones produce steady, lucid low-frequency clarity on tracks with strong sub-bass intensity. The speakers didn’t twist even when the 30Hz band was considerably increased (thereby increasing harmonics at the low end of the frequency spectrum). Although they sound fine, orchestral tunes come across with somewhat fuller low-mids than we anticipated.


  • the compelling voice that speaks clearly in all situations
  • Built to last Beautiful


  • No integrated remote or microphone cable possibilities


The Rode NTH-100 studio-focused earphones provide clean, precise audio and are cozy to wear during lengthy listening sessions.

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