BenQ EX2780Q Review

BenQ EX2780Q Review

The EX2780Q from BenQ is largely designed for gaming, however, it does have some unique features. The most notable feature is a surprisingly good speaker system, which is augmented by a subwoofer for clear bass. It does a good job with HDR content, and BenQ’s HDRi technology adds to the picture quality. The Razer Raptor 27 is still our favorite gaming monitor for its screen size, but it wins an Editors’ Choice for its improved acoustics.


Tall gamers may need to support it up with a box of books because the accompanying stand is short and only adjusts for tilt. The presence of USB-C connectors on a gaming display is unique, but don’t get too thrilled because it can’t charge laptops.


The BenQ EX2780Q comes with a remote control that allows you to operate all of the monitor’s capabilities. It has buttons for fast changing the volume and accessing preset modes such as HDRi and Blue Light. The way HDRi handled color temperature didn’t sit well with me.

Great Audio:

The EX2780Q monitor from BenQ comes with built-in speakers and a subwoofer, as well as digital signal processing (DSP) for the five audio modes indicated above. In our tests, we discovered terrific bass and strong treble response, albeit, in some tracks, the bass dominated the treble. External speakers may be desired by audiophiles, but for the most part, the speaker system should suffice.

Image Quality:

The EX2780Q’s IPS panel offers a 99.9% sRGB color gamut and 95.3 percent DCI-P3 brightness, but it’s not as good as a VA panel, which means colors aren’t as vivid and black levels aren’t as deep. The BenQ EX2780Q is an IPS screen with a mediocre backlight and low contrast levels. Although it has an impact, it falls short of becoming transformative. The BenQ’s peak brightness in HDR settings is 465 nits, which implies it outperforms DisplayHDR 400, an entry-level HDR standard.


Right out of the box, the BenQ EX2780Q is incredibly accurate, competing with mid-range professional monitors. Only the finest interface elements exhibit any sign of pixelation or aliasing on the 27-inch screen, thanks to the 1440p resolution. The brightness isn’t spectacular, but it’s far more than you’ll need daily.

Gaming Chops:

AMD FreeSync adaptive-sync technology is used in BenQ’s EX2780Q gaming monitor. With an HDFury 4K Diva, it even beat up the Razer Raptor 27 in input lag testing. With the games Final Fantasy XV, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Far Cry 5, it handled gameplay and certain canned benchmark runs admirably.


  • 27-inch QHD display with plenty of brightness. 
  • The colors are accurate. 
  • HDR (and HDRi) performance is excellent. 
  • For in-monitor speakers, the sound quality is excellent. 
  • The remote control is included with the package. 
  • The maximum refresh rate is 144Hz. 
  • Input lag is low.


  • Ergonomic features are limited. 
  • Ports that are difficult to find and reach. 
  • Only a few ports are available.


The EX2780Q from BenQ is primarily a gaming monitor, but its robust sound system and precise HDR handling make it a great all-around screen for general entertainment as well.

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