Proscenic M7-Pro Review

Proscenic M7-Pro Review

The Proscenic M7 Pro vacuums hard floors and carpets exceptionally well, thanks to its 2,600Pa suction force. It can also be used as a simple robot mop, but because its storage tank is limited, it won’t be able to clean a vast area in a single pass. Overall, it provides outstanding vacuuming performance and a reasonable number of features for the price.

Design and Features:

Although the M7 Pro is a little taller than the other ground robots I’ve tried, it will still fit well under furnishings. It includes 24 sensors, notably pro and anti-collision sensors, that let it avoid obstacles like stairs and map your home. A High-Performance Particle Air (HEPA) filter on the robot traps allergens in the air. Some of the goods included in our reviews of this week’s top vacuums and cleaner robots from around the world are the Eufy RoboVac 11s, Neato Botvac D7 Connected, and iRobot Braava Jet m6-03.

Control options:

It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the power, start and stop the cleaning, and even drive it around like an ice cream truck. You’ll need to download the app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones, to use all of the features.


The Proscenic M7 Pro is simple to set up. The power cord is connected to the charging dock, which is plugged in and placed against the wall. Press and hold the top power button until the light turns blue, then press the Power button to send the robot to its charging base. I had no trouble setting it up and connecting it to my Wi-Fi; it just took a few minutes.


The M7 Pro creates and fills in a map of your home as it moves around it. After that, you can create your zones, such as restricted zones. It was amazing to see it reach the unseen boundary and quickly turn to vacuum along its edge. The app is one of the most user-friendly we’ve seen.


The M7 Pro robot vacuum has a suction power of 2,600Pa and can clean a range of floor types. It isn’t the quietest robot vacuum I’ve tested, especially when vacuuming the carpet. The app displays the number of square meters cleaned, the remaining battery life, and the overall cleaning time. A quick peek at the map reveals where it is and how far it has traveled. Tap More > Multi-Zone Cleaning, select the rooms you want it to clean, then push Clean Now to clean a labeled area. Its 600ml container was filled with dust, pet hair, and a few stray feathers after more than 100 minutes of cleaning my floors.


The M7 Pro robot from iRobot can empty its dustbin but does not include a dust collection. An optional automated dust collection for the robot eliminates the requirement for a base station. It’s still less than the cheapest iRobot model that can clean its bin, the Roomba i7+. When the robot finishes a cleaning task, the automatic dust collector’s fan turns on. It suckers up all the dust and hair, leaving only a few larger crumbs behind. The bag should be replaced every six to eight weeks, according to Proscenic, but this may depend on how often you use the vacuum. If you’re considering purchasing the M7 Pro, I strongly advise you to invest the extra on the automated dust cleaner.


While sweeping, the Proscenic M7 Pro recognizes carpet and increases suction over laminate, hardwood, and tile flooring. The robot swept a 700-square-foot flat in around an hour and ten minutes while still having 40 percent battery life. It’s more powerful than other vacuums we’ve tested, but even in silent mode, it’s loud enough to disrupt conversations. 

While not enormous, the dumpster is larger than others we’ve seen and is simple to empty. Low-pile carpets, laminate floors, and hardwood floors all benefit from robotic vacuums. They can help keep shag carpeting and tile floors clean, but we don’t think they’ll ever be able to entirely replace an upright vacuum cleaner. In a few situations, a robotic vacuum isn’t the greatest equipment for the job.


The M7 Pro comes with a 110ml water tank to which a machine-washable mop cloth may be attached. When mopping, it’s preferable to utilize Area Mode so that it stays in a specific area, such as your kitchen or bathroom. It works well in this manner and leaves the tile clean and smudge-free. If your base station is on the carpet, you’ll need to keep an eye on it while it mops.

Battery life:

Depending on the setting you’re using, it takes 4 to 4.5 hours to fully charge it again. In testing, the iRobot Roomba S9+ lasted 60 minutes, but not quite as long as the Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI, which lasted 170 minutes.


  • Suction power is strong. 
  • Vacuum cleaners and mops 
  • App management and Alexa voice control are supported.


  • a small water storage tank 
  • When mopping, it does not automatically avoid carpet. 
  • Separately, an auto dust collector is available.


The Proscenic M7 Pro is a clever, strong robotic cleaner with mopping capabilities.

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