Apple AirPods Pro Review

Apple AirPods Pro Review

Apple AirPods Pro Review

Apple’s AirPods are one of the most famous wireless earphones on the market.However, they aren’t the best-sounding, noise-canceling headphones on the market, and they aren’t suitable for all ears. The Pro version, which includes a suitable in-ear fit, sweat-friendly perspiration resistance (IPX4), and a wireless charging case as standard, addresses this. Because the world of the best wireless earphones has evolved so much since their introduction, we’ve put them in the context of 2021. The Apple AirPods Pro is the company’s best-sounding earbuds.

They have active noise suppression as well as a more attractive look. The battery life is their weak feature, but they’re much smaller than other noise-canceling buds, so it might be a reasonable trade-off. You can usually get them for less than their official price, especially during Black Friday sales – and at that price, they’re still a good deal.

Fit, Design, and Features:

The case is thicker than the original, so they won’t fit in every pocket as readily, but the change isn’t as significant as you may think. There’s less of a bulge because it’s still smaller than almost all of its competitors’ casings. As you’d think, pairing with an iOS smartphone is quick and painless. To balance the pressure in your ear with the outside world, Apple employs an air vent. Siri functions as well as Siri normally does — it had a little issue picking up “Hey Siri” while we were standing near a busy road and tried to say it in a non-obtrusive manner.

Sound Quality:

Apple has included a microphone on the inside of the AirPods to identify how the shape of your ear canal influences the music and modify the sound so that you can hear sounds that are more faithful to the original. The result is plenty of bass without being obnoxiously bass-heavy, similar to Beats headphones. It’s not quite the same as upgrading to a super-high-end pair of headphones, but it more than justifies the Airpods Pro’s price.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 are the major noise-canceling competitors to the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, although they’re not as good as the AirPods Pro. When viewing a movie or listening to music, Spatial Audio is a truly cool function that makes you feel like you’re in another universe. The high-end, mid-range, and bass do not blend, and each instrument feels distinct. It also makes it sound less like everything is being piped.

Spatial Audio:

Spatial Audio is now available on Apple’s AirPods Pro, providing Dolby Atmos immersive audio to the true wireless earbuds. The feature tracks the position of your head, as well as your iPhone or iPad, using the accelerometers and gyroscopes incorporated into Apple’s Earbuds and headphones. You’ll need an Apple device running iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, as well as a streaming provider that supports 5.1, 7.1, or Atmos, to use this function.


Except for Transparency mode, which actively allows sound in from the outside world, noise-canceling is either on or off. At the time of launch, Apple said that they were the only headphones with this feature, but it’s now being replicated by its own AirPods Max on-ears. Dolby Digital 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos soundtracks are now supported by the AirPods Pros. The H1 chip also enables the ‘Hey Siri’ command to activate Apple’s speech assistant. Other companies have succeeded to include physical volume controls in genuine wireless headphones, and we hope Apple will follow suit. The earbuds have a five-hour battery life, and the charging case has 19-hour battery life.

Noise Canceling:

Apple’s AirPods Pro has noise disconnection from the ear tips, and active noise cancellation (ANC) (ANC). They’re not as nice as top-tier over-ear headphones such as the Sony WH-1000XM4 or Bose Noise – cancellation Headphones 700, but they are best than most noise-canceling headphones. By squeezing one of the protruding arms for a few seconds, you can switch between Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. You don’t have to press the earbuds to hear them because the noise-canceling works through gloves. You can also use the volume control to turn on (or off) Transparency Mode, which includes the ability to turn off all noise-canceling modes. Our only gripe is that we wish we could modify the noise cancellation for different concentration levels, such as town or business mode.


Apple’s AirPods 2 are thinner, lighter, and comfier than prior generations, but they’re not as sports-oriented as Bose’s Sport Earbuds. They’re light (5.4g apiece) and comfy, but they can create the appearance that they’re not secure when in use. A quick press on either stem will pause or resume a track, a double squeeze will skip forward, and a triple squeeze will switch between noise-canceling modes. The AirPods Pros are far more secure than prior Apple earphones, with no signs of slipping. They’re also more comfortable because they don’t dig as deeply into the ear canal and apply less pressure. Most in-ear headphones have a series of vents that allow air to circulate between your ear and the outside world, lessening the ‘noise-canceling’ sensation.


When completely charged, the AirPods Pro charging case will provide over 24 hours of listening time, or three and a half hours if used as a hands-free microphone for calling. Apple promises that five minutes of charging would give you an hour of listening time, but we found that to be a little generous. The new AirPods Pro comes with an inconvenient charging cable, which means you won’t be able to charge your phone or headphones wirelessly. The wire is inconvenient; we only had to charge the case twice during a week of heavy use, but an early notice that the battery was getting low would have been nice.


  • Noise cancellation is excellent. 
  • Much more comfortable. 
  • It’s useful for keeping track of your hearing health.


  • Expenses are higher than those of superior competitors. 
  • A USB-C charging cable is included in the box. 
  • During workouts, it’s possible to become a little sloppy.


Apple has produced a pair of all-around headphones that don’t skimp on any features. They’re equally at home on a long journey as they are on a quick lap around the block. The AirPods Pro address some concerns that turn serious music listeners away from traditional earbuds, including leaky sound and out-of-ear fit. After that, better drivers and noise cancellations are added, and the result sounds fantastic. They’re even good for exercises, thanks to their better fit and sweat-proofing. They may be the only set of headphones that many individuals will ever need.

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