Yeedi k650 robot vacuum 2000pa Wi-Fi

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum 2000pa Wi-Fi Self cleaner Review 2023

motor for deep cleaning. It is remarkable how efficiently the Yeedi K650 cleaner works not only in terms of floor cleaning but also with its quick operation and high effectiveness. Additionally, it boasts a long-lasting battery and impressive suction power considering its affordable price. Equally commendable is the Wyze Robot Vacuum, which features virtual wall support and a strong motor that ensures thorough cleaning. laser mapping system  .

 Total Weight 
3.04 kg
 Height 8.0 cm
 Width 34.0 cm
 Depth 38.5 cm
 Minimum Battery Life 50 min
 Maximum Battery Life 234 mints
 Recharge Time 155 mints
 Recharge Dock Yes
 Battery Life Indicator Yes
 Removable Batteries Yes

 Yeedi K650 review: Design 

In my evaluation of the Yeedi K650 automated vacuum cleaner, I observed that it has a diameter of 13.4 inches and a height of 3.1 inches. It is fairly lightweight, weighing only 6.7 pounds. The design is simplistic, which enhances its user-friendliness.
At the top, you’ll discover an auto mode button alongside a Wi-Fi indicator light, while the power and reset buttons are situated on the side.

The Auto button initiates or halts the robot’s operation during its running mode. Additionally, the Yeedi app enables you to start and end the cleaning process through voice command recognition. Google Assistant  and .

After a week of intense testing, the robot’s appearance remained pristine with its anti-scratch tempered glass surface, and the white body stayed spotless without any traces of dirt or debris.

The Yeedi is designed to be spacious with its 6.9-inch width in order to hold its 800ml bin. Additionally, its height of 3.1 inches is slightly taller than other slim robot vacuums, yet still compact enough to easily fit underneath furniture.

Yeedi comes with additional accessories such as cleaning supplies and spare parts, but it does not include a remote control. In addition to the main device, you will receive a docking station, a charging adapter, an extra tangle-free brush, and some user guides. Furthermore, there are also extra bin filters and bin components included.

 Fast and Powerful Setup: 

While navigation is not its main strength, it tries its best to maneuver through doors, furniture, and obstacles. When put to the test, the battery of the K650 lasted close to two hours, which proved to be ample time for a thorough cleaning of my entire home.

Yeedi K650: Includes functions for everyday activities.

This uncomplicated bot moves by rolling randomly and rebounding from barriers like walls as it navigates.

Despite having limited features, you can control several functions through the Yeedi app using Wi-Fi connectivity. This includes the ability to create specific cleaning schedules, adjust suction power levels (such as quiet, standard, max, and max+), access a log of previous cleanings, and choose from three different vacuuming modes: Edge, Auto, or Spot.

By initiating a clean through the application, you acquire additional authority, including the capability to preconfigure the suction strength and operating mode prior to dispatching the robot.

When set to its default mode, the robot will clean the entire house in a pattern that involves bumping into obstacles and then moving around them. It will continue this cleaning pattern until the battery becomes low, at which point it will automatically return to its charging dock.

Apps and virtual helpers available on the Yeedi K650

The software is easy to navigate as it has few features, although there can be occasional connectivity issues.

When the program is first launched, you have the option to quickly initiate the bot or check the cleaning log. Afterward, you can touch the main screen to choose between Auto, Edge, or Spot cleaning, or go into the settings to adjust the suction strength and other settings.

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Self cleaner Review

You can set multiple times to start the vacuum, but you can only schedule it for Auto Cleaning and not Edge cleaning. Additionally, you cannot choose the suction power as it will likely run on the previous power setting.

You can locate your Yeedi robot easily with the Find My Robot button, which makes it say “I’m here” in case you can’t find it. Additionally, you have the option to turn off voice prompts that inform you about its cleaning, charging, or if it gets stuck. You can also check accessory usage and set a period of time where the robot won’t disturb you.

Yeedi can be paired with Alexa, but the available commands are restricted to “Alexa, turn off Yeedi,” “Alexa, turn on Yeedi,” and “Alexa, charge Yeedi.” Unfortunately, there is no compatibility with Google Assistant.

 Companion App Automation 

  • App Name yeedi
  • iOS Availability Yes
  • Android Availability Yes
  • Software Boundary Markers No
  • App Scheduled Start Yes
  • App Cycle Control Yes
  • Navigation Control within App No

Results of the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum test

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Self cleaner Review

A robot vacuum that offers good value but is not the most intelligent.

Yeedi K650 is a reasonably priced robotic vacuum cleaner that effectively maintains cleanliness on various surfaces. It offers a substantial amount of suction power, a spacious container for debris, and boasts remarkable battery longevity. iLife A10 Robot Vacuum The cleaner has the ability to quickly adjust to different surfaces when it is stopped.

 Pros:  Cons: 
strong suctionlacks intuitive navigation or any other smart functionalities.
long-lasting batterydoes not include a remote control
Fantastic battery life.No good App
Easily clears most pet hairGoogle Assistant not support


The Yeedi K650 robot vacuum is simple and uncomplicated, yet it efficiently cleans your floors and is more affordable.

The Yeedi K650 robot vacuum is extremely simple, lacking any advanced navigational or intelligent capabilities. Nevertheless, it efficiently tidies up your floors and comes at a lower price. Though it may not possess any fancy features, it gets the job done effectively and is user-friendly.

The automated vacuum does not have a remote control, meaning you cannot set it to automatically go back to its charging station. However, it is an excellent option for those seeking a straightforward and reasonably priced robot for cleaning floors.

If you are in search of a vacuum that provides increased flexibility and intelligence, consider the A10 Robot Vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with numerous intelligent features that ensure convenient usage and upkeep. Furthermore, it currently holds the record for the longest lasting battery life among all robot vacuums.

If you’re keen on exploring more choices, there are many excellent robot vacuums available in the market. The crucial thing is to find the one that suits your preferences and performs effectively.

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