WobbleWorks 3Doodler create+ Review

WobbleWorks 3Doodler create+ Review

The WobbleWorks 3Doodler Create+ is the fourth generation of handheld 3D printers from WobbleWorks. This handy tool allows you to create three-dimensional items out of liquid plastic that hardens quickly. Don’t expect 3D printer-quality items from the structures you build because they’re not very sturdy. It takes a few tries to master the trick, but this tool is undeniably entertaining.

Design and Features:

The 3Doodler Create+ can print/doodle with a variety of materials. PLA is a common material that is inexpensive and simple to work with, whereas ABS is more durable and hardens faster. The third material, FLX, is comparable to PLA in terms of application but is more flexible once hardened. The Create+’s stylus is slim and feels about the same size as a conventional felt tip pen.

Preparing to prints:

Plugin the power connection and turn the control switch from Off to On to begin using the Create+. The driving gear, which pulls the plastic through the nozzle, is started by pressing the Fast key. The first stick of plastic takes roughly 8 seconds to load into the machine.

Useful Guidance:

There are a variety of instructional films and project tutorials on the company’s YouTube page. While the controls are simple to understand, mastering the technique takes some practice. After you click the button once, the plastic continues to come out until you click it again, so make sure your fingers are in the right place.


The 3Doodler is a 3D printer that allows you to draw on a surface and then generate a model by lifting the tip into the air. This printer may not be as precise as a regular printer, but it is much more engaging and entertaining. Templates are available to assist you in building various models using the pen to weld pieces together. The Eiffel Tower is a natural choice for a demonstration, but that doesn’t take away from the sensation of achievement.

Using the create+ 

When utilizing the Create+ 3D printer, you’ll need a flat surface to doodle on. Longer lines benefit from one-click buttons for Fast and Slow settings. A double click on either button reverses the direction in which the filament is pushed by the drive gear. After around 3 minutes of inactivity, the printer will shut down automatically.

Fun for Hobbyists:

The Create+ is a user-friendly, intuitive portable 3D printing pen with a lot of potential for creativity. The pen doesn’t have the high-resolution detail of a 3D printer, but it makes up for it with its versatility and ease of usage. While the price may appear to be a little high for a niche product, the ability to sketch 3D graphics in mid-air is intriguing.


  • Controls that are easy to use. 
  • PLA and ABS prints are available
  • Fantastic online resources
  • It’s small, light, and comfortable to hold. 
  • Online tutorials and a helpful guide booklet.


  • Burns is a possibility.
  • The power cable is too short.
  • While in use, there is a hot-plastic odor.


The WobbleWorks 3Doodler Create+, in its current edition, is a fun-to-use pen that allows you to freehand create 3D shapes out of melted plastic.

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