Garmin Lily Review

Garmin Lily Review

Garmin Lily is a smartwatch for women that focuses on health and wellness. It’s available in two styles: the Classic, which has a stainless steel case and a leather strap, and the Sport. The Classic offers a smaller casing, narrower straps, and some female-friendly features. It’s a good pick if you want a fitness-focused smartwatch with a stylish design.

Design and Screen:

On Wareable, the Garmin Lily is the tiniest smartwatch we’ve seen. It’s a direct rebuttal to the notion that connected watches are large and only for males. The 14mm strap gives it a “genuine” watch feel, while the T-bar attachment makes it practical. To save battery life, the screen is not always on and shuts off when not in use. When we first set up the watch, it had trouble recognizing a wrist raise or twist if we were seated. We quickly discovered how to boost the sensitivity, which improved the situation.

Simple to Set Up and Navigate:

Because the Garmin Lily lacks physical buttons, you must navigate the device using swipes and touches on the screen. To pair the watch with your phone through Bluetooth, download the Garmin Connect app (available for Android and iOS). Swipe down from the primary clock face to enter the controls menu, which includes Do Not Disturb and Find My Phone. Open Garmin Connect, select your device, and choose Appearance > Widgets to customize the watch’s widgets. The Garmin Connect app keeps track of how active you’ve been in the previous week. 

Based on your activity, heart rate variability, stress, and sleep quality, the Body Battery metric goes from zero to 100, indicating how much energy you have remaining. A score of 100 to 76 indicates that your energy levels are extremely high, making this a great time for a vigorous workout; a score of zero to 25 indicates that you should relax. or retire to your bed. Enable the My Day and Health Stats widgets to receive a quick overview of your stats.

Software and Smart features:

It works with the great Garmin Connect app, which is available for iPhone and Android. Widgets provide information such as step count, calories burnt, and intensity minutes for the week. More information about pregnancy planning and tracking, such as the capacity to report sexual activity, is needed.

Pulse OX Reading:

The Lily wristwatch from Garmin can measure your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) on demand. SpO2 is a test that determines how well your circulatory and respiratory systems supply oxygenated blood to your body and can help you decide whether or not you need to go to the hospital. The Lily isn’t meant for medical use, according to Garmin, but its ability to measure this statistic is significant in light of COVID-19.

Beyond Fitness:

Although the Lily wristwatch lacks inbuilt storage like the Vivoactive 4, its music widget allows you to control music playback and volume. Android users now have the option of replying to SMS directly from the watch, albeit you can only choose from a limited choice of fast messages. If you fall into difficulties, the watch contains a safety feature that allows you to rapidly send a notification to your emergency contacts with your location.

Stress, Workout, and Sleep Tracking:

The Garmin Connect Lily smartwatch uses heart rate variability to tell when you’re stressed and when you’re not. You can examine your current stress score and start a guided breathing exercise in the stress widget. Your stress level can also be measured using the Oura health-tracking ring and the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. The Oura and Sense go a step further by providing audio meditations via an app. Both the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Vivoactive 4 have excellent workout tracking capabilities. 

During outdoor runs, rides, walks, and hikes, the Lily features built-in GPS so you can view your pace and distance in real-time. You may see daily and weekly graphs of your sleep phases, nocturnal Pulse Ox, and breathing rate in the Connect app. The Lily tracks your sleep patterns at night, including how long you were awake and how long you slept deep, light, and REM.

Battery Life:

The clip charger for the Garmin Lily is the same as for other Garmin models; it clips to the watch’s edge and charges the watch from 0% to 100% in around 90 minutes.With the pulse ox mode enabled, we got close to four days of battery life, with a 10% dip overnight. More activity sessions will deplete the battery faster – we discovered a 15% reduction in battery life after a 20-minute run.


  • Classic watch design with a modern twist 
  • SpO2 sensor measures respiration, energy level, and stress. 
  • There are numerous useful widgets.
  • This is an excellent companion app.


  • There is no built-in GPS, and the display is monochrome.


The Garmin Lily smartwatch boasts a gorgeous, jewelry-inspired appearance and numerous important health-tracking capabilities for a fair price, making it ideal for petite wrists.

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