LG C2 48-Inch Evo OLED TV (OLED48C2PUA) Review

LG C2 48-Inch Evo OLED TV (OLED48C2PUA) Review

LG’s C2 Evo OLED TV offers the best color accuracy we’ve seen before out of the box. It also boasts the smallest input lag we’ve monitored on a TV. LG’s WebOS platform stays a bit odd to navigate, but that’s our only criticism. Even though the 65-inch model we tested, still received our Editor’s Choice award.


The 55-inch OLED TV on the LG C2 is a little bit thinner and simpler than the one on the C1. While the rectangular enclosure for the electronic components on the back of the screen extends to a width of 1.8 inches, the panel itself is fragile, measuring only about a quarter of an inch. The permanently installed power cable is a letdown, as cables are very susceptible to harm.

 Both the 8K Roku TV from TCL and the 65-inch Class A95K OLED TV from Sony have built-in remote controls. Sony’s controller is the same contoured, click and we’ve seen with prior LG TVs. The controller features an extensive circular navigation pad with a clickable scroll wheel in the center that multiplies as an affirmation button.

Picture quality:

High dynamic range (HDR) material in Dolby Vision, HDR10, and hybrid log gamma can be viewed on the LG C2 Evo OLED TV. The TV displays a low 161.8cd/m2 peak brightness with a full-screen white field when an SDR signal is in Vibrant mode. However, reducing the white box to 10% increases the TV’s peak luminance to a level that is noticeably greater than the C1’s 764.844cd/m2.

 The C2 is the gold standard for home theatre TV precision without measurement. The colors of the plants, the sky, and the water are all different, lively, and naturally occurring. Both intense light and shadow make it simple to see little features like fur and bark. However, in Cinema mode with the default options, vertical pans frequently appear a little jerky on the TV.

WebOS 22

The most recent version of LG’s smart TV platform is WebOS 22. It offers every well-known streaming service, including Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, and even Twitch. You can immediately manage the TV and any other relevant smart home appliances with the built-in LG voice assistant.

Great for Gamers:

The C2 is competitive with some of the greatest gaming displays we’ve tested and boasts the least input lag of any TV we’ve ever tested. With approvals for both AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync Compliant, the 120Hz panel allows an adjustable refresh rate. Additionally, it has a Game Enhancer mode that activates reduced latency and allows a control center that displays the TV’s current VRR status and fps.


  • Most true digital movie color we’ve used on a TV
  • 120Hz screen with exceptionally little input lag
  • AMD FreeSync Professional is supported and comparable with G-Sync.


  • Google Assistant is not hands-free.


With almost cinema-perfect color right out of the box and exceptionally low inputting lag for players, the excellent LG C2 Evo OLED gives one of the best TV images we’ve seen before.

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