August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

The Wi-Fi Smart Lock released in August is the company’s smallest model to date. Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, and a slew of other third-party systems and gadgets are all supported. The new lock is costly, but it’s well worth it if you want to bring your front door online.


The Smart Lock Pro is 45 percent smaller than the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It merely necessitates changing the component of your deadbolt that is located inside your home. The keys that came with your original deadbolt can still be used. 

Features and Performance:

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro is the most recent version of the popular August lock, and it looks a lot better than the previous version. It installs a sensor on the door that tells the lock whether the door is open or closed, and it works with Apple’s Home Kit system to lock and unlock doors wirelessly using an iPhone app.


The August system is the most straightforward smart lock setup available. You won’t have to change much to your actual deadbolt because it’s retrofitted. A step-by-step guide with animations is available to take you through the procedure. While tightening the screws, make sure the cam bar is centered in the August rear plate.

Remote Control and automatic locking:

Because the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock lacks a keypad, you’ll have to use your phone to operate it. The August app allows you remote control over your door lock, allowing you to lock and open it from anywhere. This lock also includes automatic lock and unlock capabilities, which means it will lock the door behind you when you leave and unlock it when you return.

Batteries and Battery Life:

Unlike the four AA batteries employed in the August Smart Lock Pro, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock utilizes two CR123 batteries. When the batteries in the clock run out, Amazon’s Alexa speech assistant can detect it and automatically order you a new set. For the same battery life, you’ll need twice as many AA batteries as you would AAs.


  • Alexa, Google, Home Kit, IFTTT, and more services are supported. 
  • Lock and Unlock Automatically.
  • Installation is simple. 
  • Effortless design.


  • Pricey and with a limited battery life


The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is simple to set up and has a lot of functionality in a small package. Auto-Lock and Unlock are among the features, as is compatibility for Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands, as well as seamless connection with several home automation and security platforms. It’s more expensive than a non-connected type, and you’ll need to have a big supply of CR123 batteries on hand, as with most smart locks.

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