The mini 3 vs Air 2s in depth comparison in 2023

The mini 3 vs Air 2s in depth comparison in 2023

The DJI Mini 3, the latest iteration of DJI’s renowned Mini series, marks a significant leap forward in compact drone technology. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Mini 3 continues to redefine the possibilities of aerial photography and videography in an incredibly portable form factor. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the Mini 3 is a marvel of engineering, boasting advanced features that cater to both novice and experienced drone enthusiasts.

Equipped with an upgraded camera system, the DJI Mini 3 captures stunningly detailed 4K videos and high-resolution photos, ensuring that every moment is preserved with unparalleled clarity. Its enhanced stability and intelligent flight modes empower users to effortlessly create professional-grade content, while obstacle avoidance technology ensures a safe and worry-free flight experience. Furthermore, the Mini 3’s extended battery life pushes the boundaries of its compact size, allowing for longer flights and more immersive storytelling. Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or a traveler seeking to document your adventures from new heights, the DJI Mini 3 is set to revolutionize the way we capture and share our world.

Introducing the DJI Mini Air 2S, a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology and compact design that redefines the possibilities of aerial photography and videography. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Mini Air 2S sets a new standard for portable drones, empowering both enthusiasts and professionals with an exceptional tool for capturing breathtaking visuals. Designed to be the perfect companion for those on the go, the Mini Air 2S packs a powerful punch in its small frame.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: Design

Both drone models are foldable and they can be compressed into the compact and portable size when not in use. These two drones also comes in the same light grey matte color. But aside from these similarities these models are different on the basis of other features.

The DJI mini 3 pro is known for its small size. It is light weighted having the 249g weight which falls beneath the limit set by the transport Canada. This drone does not require any registration due to its small size. But DJI mini 3 pro also does not have many intelligent features like the air 2s. the dimensions of the DJI mini 3 pro is 145x90x62mm when folded and 171x245x62mm when unfolded. You can carry it in your bag and pocket. The feature of being small size it make it portable for your use.

The weight of the DJI Air 2se is 595g which is larger than the mini 3 pro. Bu it also have the high- tech features. And its size will not be a issue because it is small enough for transport.  It has larger weight, so you have to register it first. It is heavier and can easily hold up better in the wind than mini 3 pro. Its weight is 595g but it is small enough to carry it for travelling and transport purpose. The dimensions of DJI air 2s is 180x90x77mm when folded and 183x253x77mm when unfolded. You can carry it in small bag when it is folded.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: remote controller

Both drones use the same remote controller which is DJI RC-N1. These remote controller comes with the mini 3 pro and air 2s in the package. But DJI mini 3 pro also has an optional remote controller named DJI RC, which is specially designed for the DJI mini 3 pro. This remote controller comes with the built in screen and you can the drone activity easily on the screen. Mini 3 pro has the ocusync 3.0 for transmission and range up to 12km.

There is also the optional remote controller for the air 2s which is DJI RC pro. This remote control features a fully integrated design and have the in-built tablet with high performance. It offer the range of 15kms due to having the Ocusync 3.0+ transmission system and its 1000 nit display provides the greater visibility. It can also support the DJI cellular transmission system.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: camera  

Camera plays a role of heart for the drones because without cameras , there is no concept of drones. The DJI mini 3 pro camera is highly upgraded version from its predecessor. It has the 1 /1.3 inch CMOS sensor in it which features the dual ISO and also supports the direct output of the footage.  The camera of mini 3 pro can easily shoot in the dim lights and shadows due to its high dynamic range. The DJI mini 3 pro has the additional feature of true vertical shooting. It means that you can change the landscape into portrait at only single tap. The gimbal of the camera rotate  at the angle of 90 degrees and it will not affect the image quality.

 Mini 3 pro can shoot the 4k HDR videos and 48MP photo. It also provide the 4x digital zoom capability and slowly zoom giving the 1080p/12 fps slow motion videos. It can give you the details of distant objects by the digital zoom.  D-cinelike color mode is also present which give you the color details like other expensive cameras. Its camera is not powerful as the larger models but you can’t deny the excellent features of the camera of mini 3 pro .

The DJI air 2s also comes with the upgraded camera having the 1-inch CMOS sensor. It is capable of shooting the 5.4k video at 30 frames per second and 4k video at the 60 frames per second. Air 2s provide the photos of 20 megapixel. It offers you a wide range of colors and also provide the tiny details of view. This camera can hold the better aerial photography. Air 2s photo quality is better than the mini 3 pro. Here is also the difference in the colors range. The DJI air 2s offers a wide range of colors than mini 3 pro.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: flight performance  

The max flight time of the DJI mini 3 pro is 34 minutes and it is more than enough for the drone to complete the work. But if you want more flight time then you can use the intelligent flight battery plus to increase the flight time up to 47 minutes. Dji mini 3 pro uses the Ocusync 3.0 system and it can travel to the 12km distance. The predecessor of mini 3 pro ( mini 2 ) has shorter flight time than the air 2s but the  mini 3 pro is upgraded and have the longer flight time than air 2s.

The maximum flight time of the air 2s is 31 minutes which is shorter than the mini 3 pro. It also use the same Ocusync 3.0 and can travel up to 12km but it features the dual frequency 2.4/5.8GHz having 4 antennae that offers the smooth video despite of weather. But the flight time of air 2s is 3 minutes less than the mini 3 pro flight time.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: obstacle avoidance

DJI mini 3 pro and air 2s both have the obstacle avoidance sensors. These sensors are present in four direction and these sensors help them to detect nay obstacle present in the way of drone. Both drones use the same APAS 4.0 to detect the obstacle. You can easily detect  the obstacle due to APAS and move you drone to the other side to avoid any type of accident. Both drones are equally have the same obstacle avoidance feature.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: intelligent flight modes

DJI mini 3 pro has many intelligent flight modes like mastershots , active tack 4.0 and spotlight 2.0. these  modes is not present in the predecessors of mini 3 pro.  These all modes are present in the air 2s . mini 3 pro also includes the hyperlapse or timelapse which capture the stunning videos of with the post processing.

The air 2s also features the mastershots and active track 4.o as well as point of interest 3.0. at this mode , the drone flies in the perfect circle in the given radius and height . it also include the spotlight 2.0 feature that keeps the drone in the center of the frame and allow to zoom in.

Both drones have the quick transfer mode which allow the speedy transfer of you pictures. It supports the high speed wifi downloads up to the 30Mbps transferring the data much faster.

DJI mini 3 vs DJI air 2s: key specs

DJI mini 3 vs air 2s: price  

The DJI mini 3 drone is a bit pricier than the other mini drones but if you take all the excellent features of mini 3 pro in consideration then I would say that it will be worth buying. The price of mini 3 pro starts at $669 without remote controller but with the standard RC controller its price become $759 and with the DJI RC controller which have the built in screen, its price become $909.

On the other hand, the price of the air 2s starts from $999 for the drone and one battery. If you also want the fly more combo then its price will be $1299 and smart controller with this whole package costs you $1799. 

Which drone is best for you?

While comparing these two drones , budget is the number factor  mostly. Here mini 3 pro is cheaper than the air 2s. if you are looking for the drone under the budget than you can go with the mini 3 pro . it provides you the excellent features and better than the other mini drones.

On the other hand , air 2s also comes with the powerful camera and wide range of colors. If money is not the problem for you then you can go with the air 2s.

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