dji mini 3 vs mini 2

How to compare mini 3 and mini 2(dji mini 3 vs mini 2)

Do you want How to compare mini 3 and mini 2(dji mini 3 vs mini 2), Let’s star. The dji mini 3 specs lie between the Dji mini 3 pro and the older drone dji mini 2. Dji mini 3weight is 250g which is suitable for flight in many regions. It has a large size as compared to dji mini 2. It has a large sensor, vertical video power and a long-lasting battery with an RC controller. It also works great in the low light setting. Dji mini 3 has sensors that are facing downwards.

Dji mini 2 is the best drone for beginners due to its affordable price ad automatic flight mode. It gives 4k quality video despite of small sensor.  It has 31 minutes of flight time and lacks obstacle avoidance sensors. If you want a new sensor and lens in the dji mini 2 then it comes with a high price.

Mini 3 vs mini 2: price

  • The price of dji mini 3 is definitely higher than the mini 2 because it’s a new model having the latest specs and also has a remote controller.
  • Mainly, its price is $669 but if you don’t want to buy the remote or charger with it, its price drops to $469 and this price is similar to the price of dji mini 2 which is $449.

Mini 3 vs mini 2: design and controller

  • weight of both drones are 250 grams but Mini 3 is a little larger than mini 2. When we talk about its design dji mini 2 is old and mini 3 has a new reworked design.
  • Mini 2 has a light sensor on the front and it is more built up from the left and right of the camera gimbal.
  • The dji mini 3 has a large and compact design. Mini 3 supports the dji RCs with 5.5 HD screen and brightness of up to 700 nits. It can be brighter but depends upon the which model of phone you use. So you don’t have to clamp your phone every time you use drones.
  • Both mini 2 and mini 3 can use the remote RC-N1. The packages of both drones contain a remote with it.

Mini 3 vs mini 2: specs

The main and latest feature of mini 3 is its long-lasting battery. The flight time of mini 3 is more than the of mini 2. Mini 3 has a flight time of 38 minutes and mini flight time is 31 minutes. It can also be added up to 51 minutes by placing more battery cells. But it does not increase the speed of drones and has 16 m/s horizontal speed.

Both drones are able to communicate wireless up to 10km away from the location. This also depends on the location where you use the drones.

They both have sensors downward facing but they don’t have the front and back sensors which are only present in mini 3 pro.

Their specs are mostly similar but they differ in battery usage.

Mini 3 vs mini 2: image and video quality

  • Big changes are made to the dji mini 3. As compared to mini 2, mini 3 has a much larger camera sensor of 48MP and mini has a camera sensor of 12MP. It is a 1/1.3 inch sensor to the ½.3  inch style of the mini 2.
  • The higher light sensitivity of the mini 3 means that it can also work better in dim lights than the mini  2. Because mini 2 has no light sensor but it can provide a good 4k quality video. Mini 3 is capable to shoot at night and in low lights. Dji mini 3 somehow has the same features as mini 3 pro. it is not confirmed yet which sensor is present in the mini 3 but it is the exact sensor present in the dji mini 3 pro.
  • Mini 3 has a great spec of vertical video shooting. You can get the same portrait aspect ratio to use for your social media posts.

Mini 3 vs mini 2: HDR video shooting

HDR video can be shoot by the dji mini 3. It is available at frame rates upto 30fps and its sensor level HDR is just like dji mini 3 pros. Two exposure is captured per sensor and it is much more than just a software-based tone mapping profile. You can get clear HD video whether it is in day or night by mini 3

Comparison of pros of mini 3 and mini 2 :


Dji mini2Dji mini 3
Affordable and best for beginners.It works better in both full and low light.
Similar automated modes.The GPS system is also present in it.
Does not require any registration after buying.GPS system is also present in it.


Dji mini2Dji mini 3
Only one colour profile is present.Lack of obstacle sensor.
Have no obstacle avoidance sensor.Works only in full light.
Have battery time less than mini 3.s


Dji mini 3 has great specs for people who are interested in photography ut we also can’t ignore the importance of mini 2 for beginners and has a reasonable price. if you want a better drone then you have to invest in mini 3.

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