Apple IPad Air (2020) Review

Apple iPad Air (2020) Review

The Apple iPad Air (2020) Review boasts a larger screen, a faster processor, and enhanced support for Apple Pencil. You get a larger screen, better audio, faster networking, and a better build for the extra money. The iPad Air is the best Apple tablet to buy in 2020 and a fantastic long-term investment. Between the 10.2-inch iPad 9 (2021) and the iPad Pro 2021.

It has a flat-edge design, a powerful A14 Bionic processor, and USB-C charging, two features I wish the standard iPad had. Although its display is bright and vibrant, competitors’ displays are brighter and produce more color. Oh, and it has a longer battery life than two of its competitors, including the normal iPad.Now we will disscus fully Apple iPad Air (2020) Review here.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Review: A High-End Design:

The iPad Air is nearly the same size as the existing 10.2-inch iPad, but it is somewhat thinner and lighter. In landscape position, the tablet’s powerful stereo speakers on the top and bottom provide true two-channel stereo music. It has an anti-reflective coating that makes it far less reflective and more pleasant to use than the ordinary iPad screen.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Review: Features:

The latest iPad Air (2020) features a 10.9-inch 264ppi screen with a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Apple claims it is 40% quicker than the previous-generation A12 Bionic chip, with GPU performance up 30%.

It is powered by the same silicon as the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 range as a whole. The smaller iPad Air relegates the iPad Pro to a niche market. It sports a rear-facing 12MP camera and a front-facing 8MP camera, but no FaceTime HD camera for video conferencing. Under normal use, the iPad Air 2020 should last up to 10 hours with a fully charged battery.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Review: Display:

The iPad Air 4 has a maximum brightness of 440 nits, which is adequate on its own but falls short of its competitors. It boasts a pixel density of 264ppi, which is the same as the regular iPad and the iPad Pro. The 11-inch 2560 x 1600-pixel panel of the Galaxy Tab S7 has a density of 276ppi, which is slightly higher.

The Zoom Machine:

The main camera in the iPad Air is the same 12-megapixel camera used on the iPad Pro. It shoots in 4K rather than 1080p and boasts greater HDR and low-light performance.

The front-facing camera is significantly superior to the built-in camera on any laptop, as well as most consumer add-on cameras. Wi-Fi connectivity is superior to that of an older laptop, and the LTE version adds a backup link. The issue is that iPadOS still has issues with multitasking.

When you open a second window while on a Zoom, Google, or web video call, your camera is turned off. Because it can run two windows on an equal basis, the Surface Go 2 takes the lead.


The speakers on the iPad Air have been shifted from one side to the other, resulting in stereo audio with equal contributions from both sides. The most noticeable change is a broader sound spread, which contributes to a more cinematic and immersive experience. Although the vibrations transmitted through the iPad’s chassis can be somewhat uncomfortable at higher volumes, they never appear to impair the clarity of what you’re hearing.


The A14 Bionic chip in the iPad Air 4 contains a Hexa-core CPU and a quad-core GPU. Under normal use, I experienced no stuttering when I split the screen between 12 Safari tabs and a 1080p YouTube movie. With everything going on, it took me less than 30 seconds to open an image in the Pixelmator Photo image editor.

Boosted WIFI:

The iPad Air has the same Wi-Fi and 4G chipsets as the iPad Pro but performs better. When cranked down to 2.4GHz-only mode, the base iPad Air performs similarly. Although this year’s iPads do not support 5G, it is unlikely to make a significant difference soon. The iPad Air also includes stronger LTE and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as a longer range than the standard iPad.

Apple Pencil and magic keyboard:

Because the iPad Air 4 supports Apple’s Magic Keyboard, typing on this iPad is as simple as typing on the iPad Pro. It also allows you to use the Apple Pencil to scribble into text fields and have that handwriting converted into real text. The keyboard also includes a touchpad, something the Smart Keyboard lacked, and makes the iPad Air 4 feel more like a laptop. On my first try of the 10FastFingers typing test, Apple’s Magic Keyboard reaches 78 words per minute (with 97 percent accuracy).

I’m not sure how Apple does it but offering a keyboard for nearly the same price as an entry-level iPad feels wrong. Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Bookcover Keyboard has a touchpad, the number keys are small. Apple appears to be working on a second-generation Magic Keyboard that would accommodate both the iPad Pro and Air.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Cameras:

iPad Air is a tablet computer that has a (2020). On a Google Meet conversation with my boss, reviewer Henry T. Casey took the tablet to the ultimate work-from-home test. As I demonstrated with a selfie in my living room, the 7MP front-facing webcam takes sharp and precise images. The camera of the iPad Air 4 captured more vibrant greens on my t-shirt and handled light sources better, allowing them to highlight backdrops rather than merely render as blown-out white spots in shots.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Unleash the Power:

The new iPad Air is powered by an Apple A14 CPU with 4GB of RAM and storage options of 64GB or 256GB. It received a score of 639,962 on the Antutu benchmark, 595 on Basemark Web, 1,572 single-core, and 3,931 multi-core on Geekbench 5, and 1,572 single-core and 3,931 multi-core on Geekbench 5. That’s 20% better than Geekbench Multicore and 22% better than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in online browsing. The Air was able to stream YouTube for 4 hours and 45 minutes before it needed to be charged, which is even less time than prior models.


  • Processor and internet speeds that are lightning quick 
  • Cameras of exceptional quality 
  • Excellent construction quality


  • Battery life is unimpressive. 
  • iPadOS is still not as good at multitasking as Mac/Windows.


The iPad Air 4th generation gives you the power of an iPad Pro for a fraction of the price, making it the finest Apple tablet to buy in 2020.

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